Saturday, October 9, 2010


What an exciting morning in the life of a 2 year old! Natasha and I went to the zoo for a special breakfast with Dora The Explorer. To say that Natasha LOVES Dora is an understatement so when I found out she was coming to the zoo we just had to go. We had to sign up and pay extra (but we got a discount with our zoo membership) and this allowed us to show up to the zoo before it opened (at 7:00am, yes I said 7:00am which means we left our house at 6:00am) We had a breakfast, pictures with Dora and then fun playing with Fisher Price Toys. They sponsored the event. The best of all was that they had a raffle for about 12 baskets of toys and we won one!!!
Here is Tasha giving Dora a high five!

There was a whole area set up with toys and this is the one that Tasha went for! A guitar, guess you can't tell her daddy is a worship pastor ;) We might have to look for one of these for Christmas.

Here is the basket I won. It had a xylophone, kid tough binoculars, a magna doodle and a huge thing of Trio blocks.

Natasha loved petting the bunny and goat.

There was even a little course set up where the kids could pick a power wheel to ride around on. She of course picked the Dora Jeep.

What a great morning we had together!

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