Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The State Fair

We were very excited to go back to the State Fair again this year. We went on a home school day so we were able to get free parking and free admission. It was $1.00 ride day to top it off so we were very excited. We missed the fair last year since we had just gotten back from Disneyland at this time. We spent part of the day there with the Roger's family.

We were even blessed by one of the food vendors. Jay went to get a corn dog and some of the kids wanted one (we packed our lunch to help save money so we could buy some treats) The food guy noticed all the kids and asked if they were all ours we said yes, except one. He said he grew up in a large family and loves large families well he then proceeded to give us five extra corn dogs at no charge!!! Wow! So then later we went back to the same booth to get some lemonade and he only charged us half price for them. That was such a blessing.

Now as you can see if you look through the rest of this post there are NO PICTURES!! That is because someone stole my camera. The camera we just bought in July using some of our tax refund money !!! I was so upset. It happened toward evening and it pretty much put a damper on the rest of our evening! I just can't believe people! Thankfully though I had just downloaded all my pictures just a day or so before.

We did have a good time up until then and now I will have to figure out a way to get a new camera quickly with all the holidays coming up.

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