Monday, January 24, 2011

Co-op this month

I am co-teaching again in co-op this month and I get to be in Joshua and Savannah's class. We decided to do a unit study on Rocks and Minerals. It has been a lot of fun and a great unit for this age group because they LOVE rocks! We based our study from the lap book Rodney Rockhound's Rocks and Minerals from Hands of a Child.

As you can see from this picture even Jadon loves rocks! hehehe :)

The kids got to eat rock candy......

Paint prayer rocks
Make rock candy
Make gem stone bracelets or necklaces
And we even made a way yummy rock dessert that showed how sedimentary rocks are formed.

The last week they put all their work together into a lapbook.
I actually missed that class due to staying home with some sick kids. But Jay took Joshua and Savannah.

Anastasia's class is continuing with their art lessons and critical thinking. For literature they have started reading Caddie Woodland. Anastasia likes this book. They read chapters at home and then do activities in class. They will read this book for two months because it is longer so in March (when I get to teach in there) we will choose a new book.

Alexa only got to go to class once this month. The first week she was home sick then the 2nd week she went and the third week they had to cancel her class because of too many sick kids and moms. Yucky sick bug is going around.
It was another great month of co-op. I am not teaching in February but Jay and I are helping with the Pink Pancake Lunch so watch for future posts on it.

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