Sunday, January 23, 2011

Workboxes work for us

Back to school this month and I was wanting to change up the kids work boxes some so it was time to go back through the red cabinet and pull out some fun things. Of course they have their standard math, language and Bible then the rest of these activities are in between.

I pledge allegiance to the flag....

These are two great activities for Savannah and Alexa for practicing letter recognition and making words.

These were for Anastasia and Joshua. I have multiplication and addition flash cards. When Joshua got to the work box with the addition cards in them Anastasia would take a short break from her work and do them with him and then vice-versa when she cam to the multiplication ones in her box. The mat pictured above is laminated and used with a dry erase marker.

We have used these many times before but not for awhile and now I had Savannah use the Think it Through for the first time and she really liked it and did really well.

All the kids love the link it chains I have a gallon sized bag filled with them in about 5 different colors. I have them make patters and they try to make jump ropes lol/ The big buttons are for Natasha to string together.

The kids love rolling the big dice. I have made some laminated sheets for number recognition, addition, multiplication, and fact families. Just a pair of dice can be used in so many ways at all different levels. Then of course ink pads and stamps. This is mainly for Natasha and Alexa. I have a basket full of stamps that they love to use.

Puzzles are always a big hit around here and matching games as well.

I got Anastasia and Joshua a subscription to God's World News so they can take some time through out the week to read the articles.

My crazy girl stringing her buttons.

Alexa matching the animal lotto cards.

Savannah working on a wrap'n' learn.

So this month we are back in the swing of school and plugging away. If you use work boxes what are some extras you are adding in? I would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I wish my son was that age again. Those workbox fillers look like a lot of fun. I am going to be posting soon about how we are using workboxes. It is a wonderful idea for older students. {You have a while until your littles get there.}

    I hope you will come over and join me in a challenge. Here is the link:

    Have a blessed day!