Sunday, January 23, 2011


What a Cutie Patootie! Our little guy is 14 months old now. He is not walking yet, so that makes him the latest to start. But why should he walk when he crawls super fast and everyone wants to carry him all the time.

Jadon loves this little car that he got for Christmas. I thought it was great for about a week we would put him on it and he couldn't get off. So I would put him on it in the middle of the family room and he was "stuck" there for awhile. :) But of course now he can get on and off like a pro and even "drive" it backwards.

Jadon can say "da da" "ma ma" and "mmmm" for food. He is learning to sign "all done" He is a very busy boy who loves to get into everything. He is not much of a napper and will go and go and go all afternoon so by 6:30pm it is bed time! He loves playing peek a boo and roly poly bear. He also copies and mimics all of our facial expressions it is so funny!

Love you buddy!

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