Saturday, February 5, 2011

And so it begins

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven-- Ecclesiastes 3:1

The kids are LOVING their classes and it has not been too crazy. ;) The biggest adjustment has been dinner time and preparing it ahead of time to be ready when we get home. Savannah has gymnastics on Mondays, Joshua's baseball is Tues and Thurs and Alexa's dance is on Wednesdays right before church. We even survived Jay being gone to his first class on a Friday and Saturday. I am sure we will get into the swing of things and then this season will be over. ;) I love watching each of my kids as they pursue some of their passions and watch them do something they really enjoy. It give me such joy just to watch them and their excitement.
I think about all the things my kids are involved in and who they interact with on a weekly basis and I am amazed that when homeschooling gets mentioned the biggest question is still "what about socialization?" Seriously???? I think that is just the buzz question that everyone asks before they actually think about what they are asking. I have yet to hear of someone say "wow, government school really helped my social skills." The news on the other hand is quite full of the contrary....everything from bullying to drugs, school shootings and everything in between. UMMM....NO THANKS!

OK, sorry I will step down from my soap box now. That question just really gets to me....

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