Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Party

I think I have mentioned that Jay is also the Youth Pastor at our church now. So he wanted to host a Super Bowl party. Now mind you we NEVER watch football and if we watch the Super Bowl it is just for the commercials. And on top of all that we knew we were hosting this party but about 3 weeks before it we canceled our cable (not even thinking :) ) So we called and got it turned back on and we will cancel it again afterwards. (That story is for another post).

We planned fun games to play as well and there was plenty of yummy food too! I got a few pictures but then my camera started acting funny. I guess it would help if I read the manual on how to set it. ;)

Ok so the best game of the night was by far the "banana split" game. I can at least say that because I was not one of the participants. hehehe....

Two players layed down on the ground (covered in a trash bag) while the other players stood in a chair and had to drop the ingredients for a banana split in to their mouths (we did not use nuts and the bananas were cut up so no choking hazards here). It was hilarious!

By the way who won the Super Bowl? ;0

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