Sunday, April 17, 2011

Field Day

What a fantastically, fun-filled afternoon of friends, food, fellowship and field day games. ;)
This was our Co-op's annual family field day (and our first time getting to participate) It was a warm afternoon but there were plenty of otter pops and water bottles to keep everyone cool.

One of the moms over saw the whole event and then several others (dads too) helped put it all together. The kids got to sign up for events and competed in age categories. This made it "official" but the main focus was on having fun with friends. There were a lot of different events such as the 50yd. dash, hurdles, hula hoops, soccer ball shuffle, long jump, shot-put (grapefruits) and of course water games at the end of the day. Everyone brought potluck dishes to share a meal afterwards.

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