Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Does your Garden Grow?

I am SO Excited to finally start a garden. I have wanted one for years!! My
hubby thinks I am more excited about the idea of gardening. ;) Every spring I talk about wanting to start one but the actual digging up the yard and stuff never happened. So I finally bought the book Square Foot Gardening (I bought it from Amazon) This book is EXCELLENT and even got my hubby excited to help me!

We went to Lowes and bought enough wood to make 3 boxes. We opted for the full wood bottoms. I think what I am most excited about is because our yard is completely landscaped and there is no where to dig up, these boxes are perfect. I of course would love to start with 5 or 6 but again I need to start slow. ;) We have a large side area to our back yard and two boxes will go there and one between our trees. (I will post some pics of their placement) It probably didn't take over an hour to make all 3 boxes. The book gives great step by step instructions.

This is a picture of Savannah sitting in one of the boxes reading! Too Cute!

OK now confession time is I have not yet bought the soil yet to get started. LOL Our schedule got crazy and I am a little nervous. I just need to go for it and go buy the "dirt". We already have the seeds. (The kids went with to pick those out and had a hay day!)

So on the school front we have also been doing some plant and garden activities. The girls made these flowers to help them learn the parts of a flower (roots,stem,leaves, and flower). They also "planted" some lima beans in a wet paper towel and in a baggie. They are going to observe it every couple of days and record their observations.

Then one afternoon we went for a walk (behind our house is all desert) and the kids had to find two plants and draw them and observe the leaves and petals.

Now as an added bonus I am sure you notices my first picture at the top of this post. I stumbled across this "garden challenge" at The Homeschool Village

There are lots of neat blogs all participating and I am hoping for some great inspiration and maybe I can even inspire someone else!

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  1. The boxes look great! Can't wait to see them when you get some dirt :)