Monday, April 25, 2011

Savannah's Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday!
What a beautiful birthday girl on the inside and out!! Savannah lives up to her middle name in every since of the word Joy. She is such a blessing to our family. I love her sparkling eyes and mischievous grin. Her laughter is infectious and gets us all going every time. Savannah is so full of life and energy and that helps her succeed in gymnastics and other things she tries.

Anastasia made the cake and Savannah decided on a bunny since we were celebrating her birthday on Easter.

Our family

Grandma and Papa

Grandma (Papaw was sick)

Aunt Brandy and Uncle Sean


A new out fit from the cousins

Savannah asked the grandparents for money to put towards her summer gymnastics class.

Time for Cake! Happy Birthday Baby!!!

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