Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alexa's Birthday

In her own words: "This was the best birthday ever!" Alexa got to celebrate her birthday twice this year, once in San Diego and once when we got back home. We were in San Diego on her actual birthday. So Aunt Jutem made a cake and decorated all for her special day. That afternoon we also got to go to the beach and all the youth sang Happy Birthday to Alexa and she thought that was just the best ever!! ;)

My dear sweet Alexa is growing up before my very eyes! I can't believe she is 5! (I think I say that about each kid on their birthday but it is so true.) Alexa is our child who is so full of energy, life and excitement all the time. She lets you know right what she is thinking even if she repeats herself a hundred times just to make sure you understand! LOL My favorite time with Alexa is having our nightly snack of popcorn and then snuggling with her in bed. She loves to cuddle.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

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