Thursday, August 4, 2011

Youth Camp and San Diego

Youth Camp was already planned and Jay didn't want to disappoint the kids so he agreed to take them. He changed it to Stram Camp in San Diego, CA. This worked really well as the kids and I got to drive the suburban because they needed a 2nd vehicle to haul all the stuff. So we stayed with Jutem and Brian for the week while Jay and Anastasia stayed at Stram Camp which was less than 10min. away. Whoo Hoo!

We headed over on Monday and camp went until Saturday. Then my dear husband and daughter drove the youth all back to AZ Saturday afternoon and then turned around and came back to SD Sunday night and we stayed until Wednesday. He wanted to spend sometime with his sister and just enjoy SD with us for a few more days.

The kids and I had a relaxing and fun week. Besides being with family of course we loved the much cooler weather and we were outside every chance we got. During our trip we celebrated Alexa's birthday, went to the park, the beach, Seaport Village, swimming, tent camping in the backyard and I got to go to California Adventure with the youth group!! I was so excited about that. I am such and big kid... ;). Of course during all of this I took a million pictures (well not quite but probably close) and since I am trying to get my blog all up to date I am only going to post a few here. (It is getting to be a pain to up load and get them in the right places) The rest I will place on FB.

All the cousins

Celebrating Alexa's birthday

Tent camping in the backyard

SeaPort Village

A performer that the girls loved.

Hanging out at the beach

We took a walk on the pier at Oceanside beach and Savannah almost got too close to this pelican and he opened his mouth and almost ate her head. (It was pretty funny!)

Cousins at the beach

Jadon loved the beach and the sand

The youth group at California Adventure

We are action figures

We were able to escape one night and go on a date and we walked along the beach at sunset. It was fabulous.

Can you read it? It says I heart Jay! Awwww!

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