Friday, August 12, 2011

Our First Week Back To School

It is time to start back to school and we had a GREAT 1st week back! This is our 9th year homeschooling! The Saturday before we started school we had to spend some time getting our school room back in order. This is what it looked like:


The kids cleaned up the floor and their desks and I re-did all my cubbie shelves. I haven't taken an after picture yet. :(

I let them use shaving cream to clean their desks and they had SOOO much fun with this!

Once everything was cleaned back up I made the girls new tags for their workboxes:

Savannah's are princess's (I found these on a workbox yahoo group that I belong to.)

Alexa's are Tinkerbell. I made these myself. Since Alexa is in Kindergarten now she gets her own full set of 12 boxes. She was so excited!

Now that Alexa has her own set, Natasha and Jadon share with 6 each. Natasha still loves Dora so she has the same ones and Jadon absolutely loves Diego so I made him some Diego tags. But just so you know I don't do anything with his boxes yet. He just walks around holding the Diego card! LOL

Joshua still has his Star Wars ones and Anastasia still has her Twlight ones as well.

Here they are on the first day:

The Preschooler

The Kindergartner (this was my kindergarten dress and I take a picture of each girl in it on their first day of kindergarten)

Her actual outfit.

And she insisted on posing on her desk.

The 1st grader

Ok I need to take another picture of her. My kids can't stand it when it is bright outside. LOL

The 3rd grader

And you will notice no picture of Anastasia yet as she wouldn't let me take her picture. Really??!

The next pictures are from our traditional first week of school hand prints and foot prints. We do these each year and they go in the kids All About Me lapbooks.

The 3 little girls were all excited to get right to work!

I feel so very blessed to be starting another year of homeschooling!

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  1. That before picture looks very familiar :) We get in that state, too, but it's always so refreshing when we get things back in order and jump in. Looks like you are off to a great start and having fun already.