Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apologia Science

We are LOVING Apologia Science. This is our first year using it. Anastasia is doing Physical Science. I bought her the audio CD that goes along with her book and that really helps a lot. She really likes the way the book is written in conversation form. I have also signed her up for a co-op with this curriculum. It meets every other Wednesday and they will do all the labs together. Yeah for me!! ;) I think she will be involved in a co-op for the rest of her sciences.

Joshua, Savannah and Alexa are doing Astronomy. I am already amazed at how much they are learning and retaining! They talk about the sun and planets all the time and I can see them applying what they have learned It is awesome! After some juggling of our schedule we finally found a good time to do science, right around 11:15. This gives them time to work on workboxes in the morning and then have a quick snack before we get started. We usually work for about 45 min then it is time for job cards and lunch.
We are doing Astronomy "notebooking" style and it is working very well. I think that is what is helping their retention. I will have to take a picture of their notebooks to post later, but here are some pictures of our activities completed so far:

Creating our Solar System

Practicing the difference between rotating and revolving

Seeing just how hot the sun is....melting and catching things on fire with a magnifying glass

Exploring color

Making Mercury from salt dough

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