Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun stuff with Aunt Jutem

So Jutem and the kids came and stayed with us for just over 2 weeks.  It was the longest they have ever stayed and we all had a great time.  She was originally coming out for Jay's party and then the trip for Las Vegas came up so she decided to stay the whole time.  Unfortunately almost each of the kids took a turn being sick at least once during the two weeks.  But we all still had a lot of fun!  Here are a bunch of pictures from different activities:

                                                 The two crazies!
                                              Jutem treated us to a pedicure!!  It was wonderful!
                                            I missed the Renaissance Festival again this year. Jadon was sick this time and so was Jay and I.  So Jutem took the rest of the kids and met up with the Rogers family they all had a great day!

                                          Joshua almost tossed that turkey leg after this.  :)

One night while we were in Vegas, Aunt Jutem baked them ice cream cup cakes.
                                               Crazy Jadon!

We were so thankful to know that our kids were in good hands while we were away!

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