Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

As you know in our house I love holidays and the chance to celebrate with my family.  Valentine's Day is no exception.  We take the time to celebrate our love for one another and of course Christ's love for us!  We usually celebrate with our chocolate fondue night but with everyone having taken turns being sick we decided it was better to postpone it for awhile.  Jutem and I did however take all the kids except for Joshua and Alexa (they were sick) roller skating.

                                           It's not the best picture but we put together a bouquet of the kids and when they woke up in the morning they each got a special treat and then we were off to the roller rink.

WOW!  I have not been on roller skates since Jr. high but I must say I did pretty good and it was a lot of fun!

                                                   These are great inventions.  They are called skate mates and they were perfect for helping the kids!

What a great morning!  We are definitely going to have to go skating more!

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