Monday, February 27, 2012

Saladmaster and Las Vegas

Jay and I went to the annual Saladmaster convention in Las Vegas.  I don't care for Las Vegas but the convention was great!  As you can see from the top picture one of the great partnerships of Saladmaster is now with Taste of Home.  Saladmaster will be their offical cookware at all their cooking schools.
Another great suprise was Cathy Silvers was there.  (She used to play Jenny Picalo on Happy Days.)  She has her own Healthy Living Show and she is a 3rd generation Saladmaster owner and is now a rep.

There were some great speakers and so much info shared.  I just wish that everyone knew about Saladmaster.  So many people spend their hard earned money buying organic (which they should) and trying to stay away from toxins, but then they come home and cook their food in teflon or aluminum pans.  It just doesn't make sense but most of it is because they just don't know any better.  I have several friends that really need to see a dinner and become educated.  Saladmaster is an incredible company with an incredible product!!!

We did enjoy our time and it was a nice get away.  We celebrated our anniversary together while here.  17 years married to the love of my life!!!

It was a great trip with lots of info shared and one of the best highlights is that my honey won a braiser pan for us!  I have been wanting one and can't wait to start using it!

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