Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Co-op....Finally

My kids love our homeschool co-op!!! We missed the first two weeks in September due to our vacation and they could not wait to start back and see all their friends. We have several new families that have joined this year so we are up to 20 families and almost 50 kids!!!

(Ok not the best picture. We were racing out the door, Jay took the pic and I didn't have time to check it so everyone is squinting into the sun! But there they are ready to go back packs and lunchboxes all set)

For the month of October I team taught in Joshua's class. We did a unit study on art and artists. The kids learned so much and were amazing in their own creativity. Anastasia's class did a unit on traveling through history and studied some early American history. Savannah's class did a unit on the human body. Now our big girl Alexa gets to stay each week in her own class since she is three. She did fabulous and loved it!!! I think she had a different theme each week. One week was polar bears.

They learned about Vincent van Gogh the first week and painted this still life of sunflowers. The kids did an amazing job and they all need to be framed.

This is Joshua working on his for some reason I don't have a picture of it finished I will need to take one and post it.

The second week they learned about Henri Matisse and how he used pieces of cut paper to make a picture.

The third week they did a self portrait and sculpted with playdough. I will have to get pictures of all of Joshua's art work.

One week for snack we had a "pencil"

It is a piece of string cheese with a bugle and raisin for the writing part and then a circle piece of bologna held on by mustard for the eraser. Check out this link for directions:

Savannah is using her lungs to make a painting picture

Cleaning with shaving cream is great fun!

Our big girl ready for co-op!

We had two "after co-op" classes offered this month...Worship dance and bird house making. Savannah and Alexa participated in the dance and Joshua made a bird house with dad.

We have a week off now and will be ready to start back in November. (Co-op is always the first three Mondays of a month and then sometimes a field trip is planned the 4th week). I will be teaching in Savannah's class next and we will be making a lap book on American Indians.

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