Saturday, October 24, 2009

Joshua's Party....Finally

We finally had Joshua's party today. It had been put off a couple of times due to getting ready for Battle of the Bands and due to finances. We were going to have to put it off again because of some unexpected bills and then we were completely and unexpectedly blessed by two friends in our church who gave us a very generous gift card to Peter Piper Pizza. So we changed the location of the party to there from the park. After all the changes, only two of Joshua's friends were able to make it but he still had a great time.

Anastasia decorated the cake!

Joshua's buddies from Co-op


Joshua was very greatful and excited about his gifts.

I love this picture!

A new light saber from Daddy and Mommy since he "mastered" his training at Disneyland.

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Joshua! It has been 6 wonderful years !

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