Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Week and Workboxes


After two weeks of slacking and just doing basics this has been a great week for getting things done and having fun with our workboxes!

What has been in our work boxes this week you ask?? We have been doing regular work plus throwing in fun Halloween activities. Also I skipped the girls to the letter P for the week because after all pumpkin starts with P. And boy are we having fun with it. I was looking at this blog which is awesome by the way and I started to make my own letter P activities and then I noticed she had already done the letter I have one of my own and then I downloaded her wonderful activities, printed, laminated and am so excited to do them with the girls. ( I will post pictures of these in my Preschool Activity post next)

First off we made our annual Pumpkin Playdough. This stuff always smells great! Here are some of their creations:

Anastasia made the pumpkin

Here are two special activites from box 6 this week. Box 6 is the last box for both girls. On Tuesday the kids found a baggie of popcorn, some candy corn, a glove, a spider ring and a piece of yarn...

They got to make spooky hands. The candy corn is fingernails then they fill the rest of the glove with popcorn, tie it and put the ring on a finger.

Then today they found a baggie with 3 marshmallows, a pretzel and fruit by the foot and they made these cute creations.....

I thought these turned out great! It was our first time making them and they are so cute!!! If you want to try it do this.....Poke the 3 marshmallows onto the pretzel. Open the fruit roll up but do not unwrap it. Cut it in half horizonatally. Then unwrap it as you wrap it around the marshmallows. We didn't have black gel or frosting we only had red so we used that for the eyes. It was a mummie day so we also had mummie dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls for lunch). We made little pumpkins as you can see in front of the mummies. They are made from melted peanut butter chips, a can of vanilla frosting and orange food gel. Then we stuck a pretzel piece in for the stem.

You will have to wait and see what we come up with for Thursday.....

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