Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Fun Night.....Pumpkin Carving Time

 For Family Fun Night we carved our pumpkins tonight.  We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year so we bought our pumpkins at WalMart.  We went out to the garden center and I said "look honey it's a pumpkin patch we could take pictures here!"

Anyways the pumpkins were in the living room and I sent the kids up to play for awhile they didn't know I was going to hide the pumpkins so when I called them to come down and get their pumpkins they were missing and there was this note instead...

Where Oh Where did the pumpkins go?? Go ask the witch, she might know.

Alexa found the next clue on the witch's hat.

Leave me alone to fly my broom...why don't you go look on the door in the craft room.

Savannah found that next clue.  I didn't get a picture.

No pumpkins here as you can see.  Now go look on top of a low tv.

The pumpkins could be anywhere so why don't you go look behind the rocking chair.

I didn't get a picture of that one either but the clue left there said:

To find your last clue you must go downstairs and look on the table covered by things that say "Boo".

Alexa found the last clue here and it said:

The time is getting late so don't delay go look inside the place where Natasha plays....

They were hiding in the pack in play!

As Jay started carving the pumpkins I read a short story to them....

Being a Christian is just like a pumpkin!

First, God picks you from the world and brings you in  "...but I have chosen you out of the world."  John 15:16

He then washes all the "dirt" off the outside that we received from being around all the other pumpkins.  "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17

Then, He carefully removes all the "yucky stuff" out from the inside, all those seeds of sin, doubt, hate, greed, and fear from inside us.  "For we know our old self was crucified with Him so that the body of sin might be done away with...."Romans 6:6

Then He carves a new smiling face.  "My lips will shout for joy when I sing praiss to You- I whom You have redeemed." Psalm 71:23

Now He fills us with His light.  "...let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds..." Matthew 5:16

So you see, we Christians are really like this pumpkin!  We will never be the same with Jesus inside of us.  We can say like this pumpkin,  "Thy presence, my light!"

The kids had to weigh and measure their pumpkins before we started for an activity in school tomorrow. 

We didn't get to do the mummy wrapping game as everyone was getting tired.  Jay wondered why did each kid have to have their own pumpkin as he was still carving while they all went off upstairs to play!!!!   I should have gotten a picture of that but didn't.  I think I was too busy trying to clean up.

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