Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preschool Letter of the Week.....P

We skipped up to the letter P this week so we could tie it in with our pumpkin activities and I found some really cool activities. 

Here are the activites that the girls are working on this week and are in their workboxes:

These first activites are ones I downloaded, printed and laminated they are all from  Erica graciously shares all her creations on her blog.

Lacing uppercase and lower case P

Using sticker dots on the letter P.  Theyloved this!

Graphing pumpkins.  These pages are laminatedso they color in one box for every pumpkin on the page.  It goes to 10

Sorting small, medium, large, pumpkins

Spelling/matching letters,  Go to this site to see how to make the letters.  I have been saving milk caps but you can also get disks to use from a craft store. 

Color matching

Ok now this one I made myself before I realized that Erica had already done the letter P and had all that other stuff available.  I made the numbers 1-10 on pumpkins and cut out as cards and the girls have clothes pins or you could use paper clips and put the correct number on each card.  If anyone wants a copy let me know and I will gladly email you a copy. 

We always do one of these letter pages for our book.  This week they are coloring it and glueing on popcorn seeds and pumpkin seeds.

This is Alexa's color plate, doing the color orange this week.

They each get their cubbie books in one of their boxes

The picture is bad but this is a book I made for each of the kids.  On the first page they draw and color a picture of their pumpkin.  The second page is where they record their measurments of their pumpkin.  The third page they glue on some pumpkin seeds to make a pumpkin picture and on the last page is a fill in the blank for a pumpkin poem.  They have to fill in adjectives describing pumpkins.  Their poems turned out really cute!

So that is our letter of the week activities.  We will do the letter E next week.

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