Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One

I wanted to share a blessing that happened this week.  I want to have record of it so when I sometimes forget how God blesses us even in the little ways I can be reminded.  Jay and I have been wanting to get bunkbeds for the girls since before we moved to this new house last March.  Cost and getting exactly what I want have been the two inhibitors.  I want wooden bunkbeds that have a twin on top, full on bottom with drawers underneath.  This way it will fit all three girls and eliminate other dressers in their room.  We have found several we like from Craigs list and Jay can even make them (which would be awesome).  The added expense comes in with the mattresses they add $150-$300 to the cost.  So we have been praying, saving and holding off.  Let me go back also, in the mean time we got rid of Savannah's toddler bed when we moved and the two girls have been sleeping on a blow up mattress or on the hide a bed in the playroom (they actually love sleeping there).

A few weeks ago a friend from church asked us if we wanted a twin mattress in good condition that they no longer needed.  Awesome score one!  Then just yesterday Jay was getting ready to leave for band practice and one of the guys he picks up told him to make sure the surburban was cleared out and all seats down because he and his mom had an early Christmas gift for us.  Well we had no idea what it could be.  I waited patiently impatiently and finally called Jay.  He told me they gave him a queen size mattress.  (Jay never mentioned to them about us needing a bed for the girls) I have to be honest here my first reaction was "a queen size mattress what are we going to do with this?  It would be a bed for the girls but God, you know we are wanting bunkbeds and need a full size mattress".  I immediately repented and started thanking God for this provision and said even though I don't understand I will be thankful and I truly was and thanked God through out the day.  Jay finally got home around 7:30pm and unloaded the bed (mattress, box springs and frame) as he brought it in I thought it looked rather small for being a queen and told Jay.  He said they said it was a queen.  So we set it up and I got out some queen size sheets and they were too big!  What???  I got some full size sheets and they fit perfectly.  Jay and I were so excited.  We now have the two mattresses we need for the bunk beds.  Now Jay can either make them or we will continue to save to get them.  The girls were excited to sleep on the bed!  Thank you Lord!!!  It is all in His perfect timing we just need to continue to pray and have faith and know that God provides everytime.

I hope this encourages you all to continue to wait on the Lord and His timing and to accept gifts from the Lord even when it might not be what we think we need or want.  It was an excellent reminder for me!

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