Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Week and Workboxes


This week I finally got Anastasia a set of workboxes. She decided she wanted to do them too. We only do workboxes 4 days a week since we have co-op on Mondays.

So what is in our workboxes this week:

In Box 1 for everyone is 2-3 activites for our current unit study which is life cycles. We are doing another lapbook from Hands of a child. Anastasia's is called Animal Life Cycles for grades 4-8 and the other kids is called The Circle of Life it is for grades PreK-3. I love being able to do unit studies with both to their own levels. The goal is to finish this lapbook by next Friday before our break.

Box 2- 6 for the girls is Cubbie book, Letter T activities we are doing the letter T for two weeks to tie in Thankful, Thanksgiving, Turkey and Turtles, They are also doing tracing activities and some phonics activities. Also computer time to play on

Boxes for Joshua- Spelling, math, reading, God's World News, handwriting, puzzles, phonics worksheets, Think it thru activities and Awana

Boxes for Anastasia- Math, reading, typing, sewing (the girls patches for Awana ), God's World News, All about me activities and Awana. She just recently finished her vocabulary and spelling book so I need to order new ones.

This is what we will be doing the next two weeks and then we will take a break for the arrival of our new little one! My c-section is scheduled for November 23rd.

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