Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Was Love At First Sight!


We came home from the hospital early Wednesday evening and when we walked through the door the kids were so excited! They all wanted to see and hold baby Jadon.

Even Tasha kept saying "baby,baby"

Next it was time for everyone to get a chance to hold him.

I was sitting right next to Joshua as he was holding Jadon and he just stared at him and talked to him softly and then Joshua looked up at me and said "Thank you mommy for giving me a brother" Talk about melting my heart!!

After all the kids got a chance to hold Jadon. We then gave them gifts that Jadon got for each of them.Jadon got Anastasia some hot chocolate and in the corner you can see Tasha's sleeper from Jadon as well.

Jadon got Joshua a T-shirt

He got Savannah and Alexa each their own pack of bubble gum.

Then each of the kids gave a gift from themselves to Jadon.

The Gang!

I don't know how long it will be before we get a picture where they are all looking and smiling at once.

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