Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Elf on the Shelf.....Freddy

The kids came home from church to find this box on the front porch (shhh they don't know that mail doesn't come on Sundays).

We brought it inside, opened it up.....

and this is what we found....

So we put it under the Christmas tree, which only had the lights on it so far.

When the kids woke up the next morning I could hear the commotion of them accusing one another of opening the box and then Joshua came running upstairs to tell Jay and I that the box was open and there was a little man sitting in our tree. WHAT??? (he he he). We went downstairs and this is what we saw....

There was a book that came with him so we read it together and it told us that Santa sent our elf and there are only two rules: 1) No one can touch the elf, it will take his magic away (he goes home to the north pole each night and returns each morning some where else in the house) 2) The elf is not allowed to talk but the kids and talk to the elf and tell him what they want for Christmas and if they have been good.

This was soooo much fun. Since I am catching up on my blog I am just going to do one post about the elf and show you some pictures of where we found him each morning. The kids loved waking up each morning and searching for him. They talked to him and tattled on one another to him and they were very sad Christmas Eve night when they told him good bye because they knew he would be going back to the North Pole and not returing until next year. They named him Freddy and registered him at

Guarding our mouse village in the front room

One morning the kids found the elf having dinner with barbie in the barbie house and the next day we found him in barbie's car in front of the tv. They were watching the Elf movie!

I think this day he was missing the colder weather at the North Pole because he got into our sugar and made a snow angel.

One morning they found him on top of our wreath holding the car keys...good thing we have an extra set.

The next morning we found out why he had the car keys....he decided to hide out in the car and go with us to Co-op.

One morning they found him just hanging around on our kitchen table light.

Christmas Eve morning the kids found him at the top of Anastasia's Christmas tree. He knew it was her birthday!

We can't wait till he comes back next year! Did you have an elf visit your house? If so tell us of some of his adventures we would love to hear them.

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