Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look Who's 8 Months Old

Jadon is growing so much!! He is a very busy little boy who loves to move all around. Last month I was actually worried that he couldn't sit up but now I realize he can and has been able to but he would much rather be crawling. When I sit him down he goes straight to a crawling position! This month Jadon has learned how to pull himself up already and he stands every chance he gets. He pulls up in the pack-n-play, the couch and chairs. It is crazy. I think he might be walking by 10 months. He is a very happy little boy who loves getting attention from everyone he will "click" or cough at us just to get us to acknowledge him.

He finally got his first biter biscuit and loved it. I have a picture of each of the kids first eating one of these. They make such a mess! LOL They love them.

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