Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have been busy in the school room the last couple of weeks. As you know I love work boxes and last month I was able to participate in a live webinar seminar by Sue Patrick. It was like attending one of her workshops live through the internet. I have owned her book and have been using her work boxes for over a year now so this was a great chance for a refresher and to learn how to integrate more things.

So all the kids have work boxes now and we are going to even start Natasha with some. Savannah has her own rack now and Alexa and Natasha share a rack with 6 boxes each. I made all of their tags, --Anastasia's are Twilight, Joshua-Star wars, Savannah-gymnastics, Alexa-dance and Natasha- Dora.

These are their schedule strips (Natasha won't use a schedule strip) We do a lot of schooling at the kitchen table and on the floor but the kids also need their own space where they can sit and concentrate. Well I found these desks on craigslist for only $5.00 each!!! I love craigslist! The people I bought them from buy things in bulk from business's and things going out of business. So I got Alexa one as well.

This is Joshua's set up with his desk and work boxes.
We are going to officially start back to school on July 27th (at least for 2 weeks and then we will be taking another camping trip! :) I will let you know what we are putting in the boxes.

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