Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things happening in our school room

I have been working on organizing our school room and busy planning for this upcoming year. In my last post I told you about our great find with the school desks. My hubby also finally got my rain gutter bookshelves up! Yea! I am so excited. We hung them under the white board and I will use them to display current books we are using. I first saw these here and you can google "rain gutter bookshelves" to see more pictures and ideas.

Another great item I found was at Target I got poster frames. I got one for each kid and they get to pick a piece of art work that we can frame and hang to display. We will probably change these about once a month.

OK I should have taken more up close pictures. This first one is Alexa's. I had them create a mat by painting a piece of white paper then we used a colored piece of construction paper and then they put on their picture.

This is Savannah's
This one is Joshua's. He was so proud of it. He told me "Mom, I really like that. And when I am dead it will hang in a museum and everyone will say "he painted that when he was a boy". I was laughing. Yes he has learned that artists become famous after they die!

Now the thing I have been working on the most is our calendar. We always do calendar each morning but I was wanting to add more to it and boy did I find all sorts of great ideas. Of course I started at Confessions of a homeschooler and this started me on a rabbit trail....

Here are some pictures of our calendar wall:

Under our calendar I added "What's the weather, "Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday", "Days in school", and "What season is it?" These forms can all be found on Confessions of a Homeschool.

To the left of my calendar I have posted these two mini posters. I think they are great and I want the kids to learn them. You can print them from here

I have been wanting to make a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom " tree and have had no luck so I was so excited to find this one already made. I just had to print it out along with the letter and laminate them. As we do a letter of the week I will have them add the letter to the tree. You can download it from kizclub.com. Click here for the direct link.

I put together a basket to hold all of our calendar stuff. It holds our flags, each of the kids folders (see below) calendar pieces and our Bible.

I made a folder for each kid to keep their calendar activities in. I used a variety of sheet from different things I want to cover with them. We are going to do patterns, a weather graph and number of days in school. Joshua and Savannah will also practice writing the date.

I got these great ideas from :

Homeschool Creations

Mama Jenn


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