Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Curriculum Choices

I have been so busy picking curriculum for this next year. I need to be a bit more structured and make things easier in the planning department, so we have gone with some set curriculum and workbooks. But never fear I can not completely give up unit studies, so here are our picks for this year:

Anastasia- She tried Switched on School House this last semester and decided she doesn't like it and would rather use lifepacs. (There is nothing wrong with it she just doesn't want to be on the computer for everything.) She will be using Alpha Omega Lifepacs for all main subjects-language, math, Bible, history and science. Anastasia also gets to do an elective this year and it's going to be Home Ec. For spelling she will use All about Spelling and she will also do Trail Guide to World Geography with us. For vocabulary she will be using "Vocabulary from Classical Roots" by EPS.
Joshua- Lifepacs for Bible and Language.
Hooked on Phonics for reading
Horizons by Alpha Omega for Math
All about Spelling for spelling.
A Reason for Handwriting for handwriting
Galloping the Globe and Considering God's Creation for Social studies and science. We will be travelling the world and visiting different countries. We will also be using Trail Guide to World Geography.
Savannah- She is so excited to be starting Kindergarten!
Hooked on Phonics for reading
Horizons by AOP for math
A Reason for Handwriting for handwriting
We will still also work on the letter of the week curriculum and she will be doing Galloping the Globe with Joshua
Alexa- I of course had to get her her own special book at the homeschool convention so she wouldn't feel left out and she is so excited! I found a preschool workbook.
She will also be doing letter of the week curriculum and joining in where she can for our Galloping the Globe studies.
Tasha- Lots of centers and activities that will keep her busy (hopefully) She will be the challenge during school this year.
Jadon- his job will be to teach the kids to keep their stuff cleaned up and off the floor. He will hopefully be taking a morning and afternoon nap and then just enjoy being around us! :)

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