Friday, July 23, 2010

Youth Camping Trip

This week we had the opportunity to take the youth from our church on a camping trip. We partnered up with Calvary Chapel (the worship pastor from that church and Jay have become great friends. Our families do things together as well). Jay was going on the trip and taking Anastasia and I didn't want to stay home for four days with the others in this heat so we were able to borrow the motor home and go along as well. We went to Mt. Lemon the elevation is 8,000 feet and at least 30 degrees cooler!

My camera batteries ran out so I didn't get many pictures but we had a great time. Even despite getting rained out two of the nights. (Yikes!) The tents flooded but we were nice and dry in the motor home and figured out that it could sleep 12!! Girls bunked in with us and some boys slept in the suburban and van. It was beautiful during the day and we went fishing and hiking. During the evening they had worship and Bible study.

It's not a camping trip with out a fridge and microwave! Ha! The people who were supposed to do the cooking for us backed out at the last minute so Jay and James had to do all the cooking as well.

Setting up the tents. Hanging out.

Chow time.

Boys being boys using hatchets.

Joshua was in heaven for four days he got to hike through the woods, go fishing and swing a hatchet! He did not want to leave and he even asked if the next time we move can we move to Mt. Lemon!

The girls.

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