Thursday, November 12, 2015

2nd Week of November

This month Joshua and I hosted book club so I have lots of pictures from that and none of Keeper's. For Keeper's they went on a tour of a bike shop and learned about bike safety.

Our book this month was:

We also happened to meet on Veteran's Day which was really neat and just a total coincidence.  We all picked the books and the months we wanted to teach over the summer and I did not realize our meeting would fall on Veteran's Day.

Book club meets from 1-4pm.  There are nine families and a total of 14 boys that participate.
The host serves lunch, engages the boys in a discussion about the book and then usually has an activity for the boys to do.
For lunch we made potato pancakes and beans and weenies....typical depression era food.  Then I wasn't able to get MRE's so I did get a couple of freeze dried foods for the boys to try.

The boys all said they really liked this book.  Of course what boy wouldn't with war and travel and weapons.  :)  We discussed the book and their story chart and then even gave background info on Veteran's day. It was a really good discussion and the boys seemed engaged.  For the activities after wards the boys made dog tags and wrote a letter to a Veteran.

We still had some time left because 3 hrs is a LONG time.  HA!  5 memebers of Joshua's First Lego League team are in book club so they took some time to give their presentation to the other boys.

Since the girls were at Keeper's and Joshua had book club.  I invited Jadon's friend, Bodie to come hang out with him and stay the night.  Bodie's sister is in Keeper's and his brother is in book club.  So my girls went and stayed the night with his sister.  Jadon had been so excited about this sleep over!  They made PB&J sandwiches all by themselves.  They both love to be in their jammies so by 5:45 they asked to put them on.

I was just in the kitchen and they asked if they could watch a show on the tablet.  I checked on them at 6:20 and this is what I found:
Oh my!  Jadon was passed out.  I couldn't even wake him up.  He ended up sleeping through the night.  Bodie watched a movie and then Joshua played with him some.  LOL  Easiest sleepover ever!
They at least woke up early and had time to play.  We arranged the sleepover during the week only because this family is here visiting for a short time before being back up in Idaho for a long time.

Also, the next day was Science co-op and Sherrie was teaching/hosting.  The next two chapter we have been studying in anatomy were nutrition and all about the lungs. Sherrie provided a nutritious lunch with each food serving a purpose and learning point.  Then they did a couple of activities and then we all went for a hike to give our lungs a work out.

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