Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week in Review November 6th

This week I just wanted to highlight a couple of things.  Of course there was Co-op and school as usual and Jay was traveling.  But on Friday this week we had two fun things.  
First I have signed the kids up for the Pizza Hut Book It reading program.  Each month, once a month, when they reach their reading goals we get to go to Pizza Hut and the kids have a certificate for a free personal pizza. So I took the five younger ones.  They were out of personal pizza crusts and asked it medium pizzas would be okay.....ummm let me think about it......YES!  5 FREE medium pizzas I think that would be okay with us.  : )  Jay was out of town so that counted at lunch and dinner and I didn't have to cook.  : )

Also on Friday afternoon my cousin Pam and my Aunt Jean came to visit.  They were staying with my mom and dad for a couple of days and came out to see me too.  It was nice to visit with them for a couple of hours and for my kids to get to see them again.  

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