Monday, November 23, 2015

Jadon's Birthday

My baby is SIX today and as child number six he is the perfect "caboose" for our family.  He is such a blessing and brings so much laughter to our family.  He fully likes his place as the "baby" of the family but watch out if you call him that.  ; )  Jay was out of town for his birthday but came home the next day.  So for Jadon's last night of being five he got to sleep with me.

Here he is on his last night of being five:

Now here he is as a six year old.  LOL  He got pretty spoiled this year with all the gifts he got for his birthday.  But his siblings didn't care they wanted to get the gifts for him.  I love their hearts for one another.

It was a Paw Patrol, Super hero, Imaginix kind of morning.
We hung out at the park with cousins (they are in town for Thanksgiving) and friends.  Then that night we had hot cocoa and watched our first Christmas movie of the season.  It was a great day celebrating Jadon.

But wait....there's more....Daddy got back in town the next day and we took Jadon out to breakfast.  It is our tradition to take the birthday child out to the restaurant of their choice.  Jadon wanted to go "where they make face pancakes" so Denny's it was.

Happy Birthday Jadon!  We love you and are so blessed God chose you for our family!

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