Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reunion time

Back in August, a friend of ours contacted us through a group message on FB about getting Jay's praise and worship band (from when he served at Desert Sky in Casa Grande) together for a jam session.  We were open to the idea and have remained "FB friends" with most of them now it was just picking a date.  We finally picked a Saturday in November and by that time it just so happened that our friends the Roger's family were serving at another church there in Casa Grande.  So we met there.  It was a potluck and jam session reunion.

I wasn't sure at first how it would be going back there. We had been back just a few weeks previous to meet with another couple we had not seen since moving.  That was a really good meeting for Jay and I. Now meeting with this group and enjoying the evening I can truly say we have moved on even though it took a few years.  Everything is for a season. I am learning, through God's grace, to enjoy all seasons of life no matter how short or long. However, finding out that this past summer our house we lived in in CG sold for way under market at $90grand.  Ughhh.....  I loved that house and all of it's space!   I would love to pick it up and move it to the cul-de-sac where we live now.  Anyways I digress............

It was a fun evening filled with good reminiscing, catching up and of course food and music.  There were others that were invited and joined us as well.

I love listening to my hubby sing and this was a great group!

These kids have all grown so much!!

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