Monday, November 9, 2015

Jadon's party

My little guy is getting ready to turn SIX! I wanted to have a party while Jay was in town and Jadon's best little friend was here (his family is moving to Idaho for two years and we are going to miss them terribly.)  So we planned a zoo party two weeks before his actual birthday.  It was simple and fun, my kind of party!  We have a zoo pass and so do most of our friends so it is a great place to hang out with a big group of kids.  The funny thing is is when we go with a group of friends we usually don't see very many animals.  The kids like to go from playground area to playground area.  We usually just go back as a family and then we get to see a lot of the animals.

We all packed lunches and Anastasia made Minion cupcakes to celebrate with. Here are some pictures of all the little monkeys at the zoo.  :)

I think he had a pretty good time considering he passed out before we got out of the zoo parking lot!

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