Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week in Review October 26

I don't get a lot of pictures during school especially when it is just our math work books or computer work. I did get some however of Jadon's reading activities and our science.  

The above picture is them measuring out how long the small intestine is.  And below is an experiment to see which food item has the most fat.  Seen by the oil residue formed on the paper bag squares.

These two keep us quite entertained each day!  They are great buddies and I am glad we have the two of them to also keep one another amused.

Last week of Senior year volleyball for this girl!  I loved watching her play!!!  Her team made it through the quarter finals and got to play in the semi finals.  They played hard but didn't win and then were eliminated.  It was a great season with a group of GREAT girls.  I loved how they all played hard and all got along and encouraged one another and NO girl drama!!  My hashtag on FB has been #5ismyfavorite.

The two Seniors

So one advantage of Jay traveling and working in different offices is that he comes home with some pretty great recipes.  This past week he was in California and the people running the office were Filipino and a recipe  that  they taught him was Pancit.  It is really yummy!  All of us loved it and are begging for daddy to make it again.  

I think I have a new one who is more than willing to take over laundry!  Natasha  (who is 7)was helping me out this week.  I was showing her how to switch the loads, how much detergent to add and what buttons to push.  Well she found some money in the washer and I told her, it was hers to keep.  That is her laundry tip.  :)  This was all by accident but it was all the motivation she needed and now she begs to switch and start new loads.  I think I will occasionally start throwing some coin into the washer and dryer for her to "find".  Shhhh......don't tell!  :) 

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