Monday, November 10, 2008

Co-op school- This Month

It is hard to belive that there is only one more week and we will have completed 3 months in our Co-op already.  The kids and I have really enjoyed it.  This month Anastasia's class has been reading "A Wrinkle in Time".  They have had to read 4 chapters each week before class and then have been having discussions and activities realting to the book.  They even learned a new craft and have been making some Christmas gifts.  Joshua's class has been doing activities with Junior Acheivemnt  (   They have been learing about families and communities and the differences between needs and want.  This coming Monday they will be hosting a store for other students to come and buy snacks for different amounts of change so they can practice dealing with money.  Joshua will get to dress as a shopkeeper.  Savannah's class has been doing Thanksgiving activities and learning all about seeds.  Mrs. Claudia brought in all sorts of fruits and vegetables for the kids to get seeds from and to fill their cornucopia's.

This week was also the annual Thanksgiving lunch with familes and friends.  It was a feast for all to enjoy.

Savannah examining the squash

What a spread!






After lunch we were treated to a performance by the girls. They performed a worshop lyrical dance to the song "Breathe".  They did a beautiful job.

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