Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zoo Lights

Another tradition of ours is to go to Zoo Lights each year.  "When the sun goes down and the animals go to sleep, the Phoenix Zoo transforms into one of the largest holiday lighting events in the southwest with 2.5 million lights and more than 400 light sculptures from small stars to life size giraffe, elephants and orangutans." (quoted from the zoo web site)  The funny story is how this tradition got started.... Jay and I met in December 15 years ago and he thought it would be a quiet, romantic date to go see the zoo lights.  Well it was one of the first years for the lights and while it was fun it was anything but quiet and romantic.  There were so many people we were herded through like cattle!!!  This year we joked that with 4 of our kids we brought our own crowd along!   

I really enjoyed this year as we have a membership and were able to go on a special preview night.  So we chose the night before Thanksgiving, hoping everyone else would be home cooking.  It was crowded but not bad.  The kids had a great time and even got to ride the carousel for free!!

 This section is really cool the lights flash to the music and it puts on a great show.

This is Jenga the talking Giraffe.  She will even call out the kids names.  The kids couldn't believe she was talking to them.

Watching the tree display.

Along came a spider and sat down beside her...


Treasures of the Southwest Saguaro Cactus and a scorpion






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