Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogger Friend School #


Introduction: This is a steal, literally, because I found it on Facebook and decided to use it this week.  This is an expression of Praises to God- using the ABC’s.  I thought this would be a good way to be able to Praise God and use every letter of the alphabet!

Assignment: Try to think of one thing you can say to the glory of God- one thing to thank Him for, a positive thing you can say about Him, or one of His Names-using each letter of the alphabet.  You are allowed to make up words- if you can justify them by making it clear what you mean- and you may also use any foreign language (but please explain what it means) - and you can also use a thesaurus or dictionary if you get stumped.   It’s a bit of a challenge but I think you’ll enjoy it.  Have fun with it!

A- All Knowing

B- Beloved

C- Creator

D- Devout

E-  Eternal

F- Father

G- Giver of Life

H- Holy

I- Indescribable is Your love for us

J- Jesus

K- King of Kings

L- Lord of Lords

M-Mustard seed- We only need the faith of a mustard seed for you to move mountains for us

N- None can compare


P- Praying our way of communicating with You

Q- Quality unmatched

R- Redeemer

S- Salvation- You are my Savior

T- Thanksgiving in my heart

U- Unforgetable


W- Wonderful and Wise

X- eXtra special

Y- Yaweh

Z- Zion

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