Friday, March 27, 2009

We have moved!!!

What a crazy busy two weeks it has been!  The week before the move Jay and I were both sick.  We were in bed all day on Tuesday and he missed a whole week of work! But I don't want to complain at all because we have received so many blessings along with this move!  We started moving last Thursday.  A gentleman from our church owns a construction co. and his crew didn't have any work so he basically paid them for three days helping us move!  So on Thursday and Friday we had 7 construction guys with two huge trailers do most of our moving.  Then on Saturday they showed up again along with people from our church.  They all showed up around 7:30am and we were heading to the new house by 10:00am!  We were unloaded and ready to go to have lunch by 1:00pm.  Another gracious lady from our church provided lunch for everyone.  (We have never had this kind of help with moving) Later that afternoon my dad and mom came over to see the house and visit.  The one thing I like about moving is it is like a fresh start with cleaning and organizing.  My mom helped me to start organizing the kitchen.  I have so many cabinets and drawers!!  Our new house is MUCH larger it is so nice to have space.  I even have a separate school room which I will post pictures of as it comes together. 

Another blessing..... Jay went to church on Sunday but the rest of us stayed home, we were exhausted and Tasha was still sick.  During church service, Pastor Don presented Jay with three huge tubs filled with canned goods, boxed goods, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and even gift cards.  I couldn't belive it!!!  It was all done as a welcome and help us during our move.

So we are slowly getting settled in we are painting as well so I will share pictures soon.  I have to have the school room mainly done by this weekend becasue we NEED to start school back next week!  two weeks off has been long enough!

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