Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time for T-Ball

Joshua is playing T-Ball for the first time and he is doing a great job.  He is on the A's team.  It is quite funny watching the practices and games.  Ok I have to rant just a little.  While I support him fully I am just confused as to why they basically play t-ball with NO rules.  I get the whole thing of it's to learn the game and have fun but how can they learn the game when there aren't even any outs.  Your tagged out "oh that's okay stay on the base and advance to the next base when the next batter hits the ball"  Kids also need to learn how to lose and good sportsmanship.  What happens when they move up to the next team and are tagged out and get upset because they are used to just running the bases????  I am not saying there has to be umpires or anything but come on.  The kids know when they are out and start to get off the base and the coaches tell them to stay on????????

Ok Anyways it is fun to watch and we cheer Joshua on all the way.


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