Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs Sick Days

Homeschool Memoirs #29: Sick Days


Oh, no - someone has a fever.

“There went the lesson plans for today.”

As homeschoolers, we all have “one of those days” every now and then. Sometimes there isn’t even a sickie in the house. Sometimes mom is drained or burned out and feeling run down. Sometimes there are other medical or health issues that are interfering with our best laid-out plans (bedrest for a 9 month old teacher, anyone?!)…

So do we give up and give in? Do we change the plans to make them more flexible?

I’d love to hear about the ideas that some of you have, the stories that you all can tell - about days that were less than perfect because someone “came down with a bug”, but successes anyway. Are you a “carschooler” when there are doctor appointments to attend? Are you a “bedschooler” when life lays you up? Or do you have a “sick day” schedule that you follow - a “rainy day idea can” that you dip in to?

What happens at your house when life throws a schedule curve?

Share your story with all of us moms who need a little encouragement.

The only way I have figured out to solve this is starting this year we are schooling year round.  We always do great and are gung ho till about Christmas time and after that we sometimes have a hard time getting back on track.  This year especially with moving.  The kids have just been doing the basics lately but I want to do more of our unit studies.  So starting in May there will be no more regular work (workbooks like phonics and daily gram spelling etc, except they have to complete their math) and we are going to do our fun unit studies each morning.  I think we will do two weeks on, one week off.  It is so hot here in the summer anyways and they are inside most of the time except for swimming.  So I will let you know how it goes. 

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