Monday, March 30, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs Life Skills

One of the benefits of homeschool is that you can teach your kids all those wonderful skills that are necessary to living a successful life, but aren’t often taught in a formal “school” setting. Things like laundry, housecleaning, meal planning, tending to livestock, building a fence, and caring for younger siblings. We also have the added benefit that our children become a more vested part of the “family team” when it comes to taking care of things at home.

Tell us about your experience with teaching life skills. Did you have a big family project that provided a wonderful teaching opportunity? What about a home-based business in which your children have helped out? Maybe you have a creative way to get your kids involved in doing laundry. Share what you’ve done or ideas you have. Chores and cooking are just part of life. Our kids will have an advantage being home enough to really get their hands dirty with these seemingly insignificant parts of life that actually are VERY important every day!

It is very important to me to teach life skills to my children.  It is an everyday part of our life.  I have shared before about their job cards and they are working quite well.  Although I will be changing them with moving to our new house.  A goal of mine is for especially my girls is to be able for them to run the household by time they are 12.  My 11 year old can almost do this.  One thing I am going to start incorporating is a kitchen helper for the day.  That day the kitchen helper will get to help make the meals (which they all love to do but I can not handle 4 of them at once wanting to help) and then of course help do the clean up as well.  I will let you know how this goes and how our job cards change.


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