Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A B See Photo Meme.....I

 I...I...What begins with I ???

Interesting Insects Inside and outside our house!

This month at co-op Joshua was learning all about Insects and bugs and boy did it keep him hopping around our house!!  It is time to find an exterminator as we have been finding too many grasshoppers, crickets and moths around and inside our house for my liking!!  But the kids love it!!

Joshua's class had a bug/Insect party on the last day.  They wore bug hats and even drank bug juice and made ladybug cookies.  Joshua would not drink the bug juice I think he was too grossed out!!!  LOL

Thank you Ms. Jennifer!!!  He loved this class and learned so much.  He loves his lapbook and had a great time this month!!

Interesting ....

It is hard to tell in this picture but this is our back sliding screen door and one morning we woke up to find 13 (Joshua counted them) grasshoppers on our screen on the INSIDE!!!!  I didn't know how they would get out because I was not about to open the door.  But finally they all made their way off and out!

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