Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Not To Give Up!

This is an excellent list and a good reminder for us all!!

Top 10 Reasons Not to Give Up!


This week's excellent Top 10 list comes from Erin Mewes.

  1. Your children would never find a teacher who loves them more than you do.

  2. Those bad days? You would still have them even if your child went to public school--probably worse.

  3. If God has called you to homeschool, then NOT homeschooling is a sin.

  4. Your children are cultivating a "learning lifestyle"--everything is interesting, and their curiosity is always piqued.

  5. Your children are learning not just "school stuff," but life: choices, self-sufficiency, budgeting, time management, etc.

  6. Your schedule can be flexible, allowing your children to actually spend time with their father--no matter what kind of schedule he has.

  7. You have got the best class size of all--one-on-one.

  8. You can correct problems as they happen--not as you happen to notice them (which could be weeks after they've made it a habit).

  9. Your children are encouraged to be kind to all age groups, all races, all capabilities, and all viewpoints, regardless of what other children are doing.

  10. Your children can focus on their schoolwork without worrying about the troublemakers in class, what they're wearing, or being "behind". 

(The Homeschool Minute e-newsletter - April 15, 2009 edition)

What a great reminder and thoughts to focus on at the end of the school year!

Thanks to Karen for first posting this.

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