Saturday, April 25, 2009

Savannah is 4!!!

 Wow Four Years old!!!  We had a busy weekend starting on Thursday.  Thursday afternoon Jay's sister came in town to stay with our kiddos.  Jay and I had a conference for new pastors it was just in Scottsdale but we got to stay the night in a hotel and it was all paid for!    We were gone all day on Friday and came back Saturday afternoon.  We had a great time but missed the kids.  I didn't get any pictures?!  So below is a slide show of this weekend.   I was sad not to be home on Savannah's birthday morning because we always decorate the birthday person's room and do gifts and cake but her Aunt Jutem and big sister took good care of her.  We always make the cake and Anastasia did a fablous Cinderella cake all on her own!!  We had just a couple of people over last minute between church and choir practice on Sunday for a small celebration.  Then on Monday I took the kids to Dariy Queen so Savannah could use her gift card from Pawpa and Grandma.  She was so excited and the kids loved the ice cream!!

Happy Birthday  Big Girl!!!

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