Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

What a glorious day it was celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior!  Jay and Anastasia left early for church our choir was singing a special contada for both services (East to the West).  The other kids and I went for the pot luck breakfast and then stayed for the later service.  Ok I have to stop here and brag a little on my husband.  Of course I give all the credit and glory to God but it is so awesome to see Jay using his God given talent and heart's desire.  He has worked so hard and so has the choir in bringing this music all together for today.  It was not an easy piece of music and they did great.   Anastasia also did great on her solo/duet.  I am very proud of them both!!!  

Opening worship


Pastor Don singing his first solo ever.  He did a great job!

Anastasia and Takota and their solo/duet

Getting ready for an egg hunt after the breakfast pot luck



The easter bunny comes while they are at church and just leaves a few small treats.

Natasha's first easter she got some gold fish crackers and a bunny. (A funny story about Tasha:  Friday night we had a special Good Friday service at church.  It was a quiet and reserved service and I sat towards the back with the kids.  I was standing holding Tasha and everytime she would see Jay up front she would wave her and and say "II  dadda"  "II dadaa"  It was so cute but needless to say we didn't stay in the service.  I just love how she recognizes us and gets so excited.)


Papa and Grandma went to church with us and then came over for lunch.  Papa always pulls something from behind the kids ears whenever he sees them.  Today he found an egg behind each of their ears. 

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