Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unexpected Blessings

Wednesday night at church Anastasia was playing and fell and hurt her foot really bad. (Bad enough Jay wanted to take her for X-rays). I had stayed home with Tasha so Jay brought the other kids home to me and then headed to the ER here in Casa Grande. He didn't get there till almost 10:00pm. Well they were so inundated with people looking like they had the flu that Jay was not about to sit there and wait 2 hrs. for an X ray. So he decided to take her to the Gilbert hospital ER which we really like and have been there before. They guranatee door to dr. in 31 minutes. It took them about 45 minutes to get there so by this time it was close to midnight. They did X-rays and nothing was broken but she has some damage to her growth plate and has to be in a walking boot for minimum of 3 weeks. We are praying it is only 3 weeks the kids are so ready to go swimming!!

The really cool blessing in this is the nurse that was helping them the whole time actually lives in our exact neighborhood and she has a daughter just a year older than Anastasia. Her birthday is on Christmas Day (Anastasia's is Christmas eve). What are the chances of that!!! Anastasia has been praying to meet some girls in our neighborhood around her age and her she goes to an ER almost 45 minutes away and her prayers were answered! God is so awesome.

Now Anastasia is really anxious for her foot to heal so she can go ride scooters and play with her new friend!

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