Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Co-op this week---Three Billy Goats Gruff

How many of you remember reading this book as a kid?? I love this story and so do my kids. Every time we walk across a bridge anywhere they start saying "trip trap, trip trap whose that crossing over my bridge?"

To finish up this month of co-op this is the book we read. It tied in nicely with Goldie Lock and the Three bears from last week since the number 3 and the letter G. We did a lot of fun activities.....after reading the story the first time the kids made finger puppets and then we went out on to the play ground and acted out the story. The play structure has a bridge so it was perfect. I think the kids favorite activity was making their own troll face. They had a good time with this and were very creative.

It has been an awesome year with co-op next month is the last month already and then summer break. It has been so enriching for my kids and myself we have all built wonderful friendships through learning, faith and fun. We are looking forward to next year!

You can read about what Joshua did this month in co-op by looking at my ABSee Photo meme the letter I.

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